WP Smart Links Review


WP Smart Links Review – Prevent your links from being blocked.

In this WP Smart Links Review, I would like to show you what it’s is all about, who is it for, pricing and OTO’s and why you should get it.

Most Cloaker fail as their links are blocked on social media sites and therefore can’t be shared!

WP Smart Links Review – What is WP Smart Links?

wp smart links review

It is the next generation of link Cloaker and uses some of the most up to date technologies and methods to protect your links.

WP Smart Links will create the open graph protocol directly from the cloaked site. Giving you a live preview of how your link will look on social sites.

You can even add your own “Pixel” so you can now pixel sites you have no control over and boost your retargeting campaigns.

+ Create 100% Natural Looking Links that use your own domain

+ Prevents Against Link Devaluation and Blocking

+ Customizable Smart Bridge Page Technology that you control 100%

+ Allows you to “Pixel” any site, even those affiliate sites you have no control over

+ Use your own Domain for SmartLink and all the link juice that comes with that

+ Built-In Reporting

+ 100% Social Media Friendly – Yes, SmartLinks Work In Facebook And Twitter

+ SEO Friendly links with natural keywords

See WP Smart Links in action in the video below.






WP Smart Links Is Perfect For…


Hunting down and changing affiliate links on multiple posts can be a pain. With the WP Smart Links plugin, you can change multiple links in second, straight from your WordPress dashboard.

Affiliate Marketers

WP Smart Links ensures that your links will be seen and clicked on social media and from emails. It will increase your sales and commissions and the smart bridge pixel will take your affiliate marketing to the next


Nothing is more disheartening than staring at the zero sales stats when you are starting out. WP Smart Links maximizes your chance of making sales and makes sure you get paid every time – so you can get the good start we wish we had.

Pricing and OTO’s

Frontend: $27-$37 Dimesale

OTO 1 – Upsell #1: WP Toolkit Smart Links Pro 

wp smart links review

This Add On enables the following features:

Link monitoring monitors the SmartLink and if it detects the link is broken, then it will auto-detect this and redirect. Say goodbye to broken affiliate links.

Auto Redirect SmartLink allows you to set start and end times for links, when the link is visited outside these times it will go to a link of your choosing. Great for limited time offers and means your links will always be pointing somewhere profitable.

Geo-Targeting allows you to set which locations the SmartLink is for. Redirecting any other locations to another link of your choosing. Great for country-specific offers.

Upsell #2: WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin
1.Theme Ads – In Content Ads That Blend In For Better Click Rates!
2. Ad Bar – Grab Visitors Attention With This Psychological Cheat!
3. Pop Up Messenger – Use Social Conversation Habits For More Conversions!
4. Pop Under – The Killer Pop For Building Your List On Steroids!

Upsell #3: WP Toolkit GPL

  • Use the themes and plugins on as many of your personal websites as you like (without paying an extra dime for the privilege)

  • Install the themes and plugins on as many client sites as you (and charge a handsome fee for their installation and maintenance)

  • Create versions of the themes & plugins for your own use (or to sell)

  • Use the themes and plugins as bonuses for affiliate offers

  • Offer them up as opt-in incentives


If you are tired of getting the links you post,  blocked by Social media sites, email providers and even Google you should consider getting WP Smart Links. It will help you to make more sales with retargeting, better deliverability of your email, eliminating affiliate theft and so much more.

Thank you for reading my review.

WP Smart Links Special fast Action Bonuses

Get all the awesome bonuses when you purchase WP Smart Links from this page.

BONUS #1: Affiliate Marketing Profits

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BONUS #2: Authority Traffic

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BONUS #3: Periscope Marketing Mastery

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In this 8 part video series, you will get advanced training on how to drive unlimited targeted traffic to your site!



NOTE: After purchasing WP Smart Links send your receipt to romana@gethomebusiness.com to claim your bonuses,

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